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        A Professional Corporation

We understand that every case is different.  We seek to advocate for you and guide you through the litigation process of your case.


Walking with you is our passion

Law Office of Pamela J. Owens PC is advising in a variety of workers' compensation matters, and is ready to assist clients throughout the State of California.  We represent the Injured Worker.

Social Security Benefits

Law Office of Pamela J. Owens PC is advising on Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits, and is ready to assist clients throughout the State of California.  We represent the Claimant.

Wage & Hour

Law Office of Pamela J. Owens PC is advising on a variety of Wage and Hour matters, and is ready to assist clients throughout the State of California.  We represent the Employee who was denied proper wages, as well as meals, breaks, and/ or rest periods.


Law Office of Pamela J. Owens PC is advising on a variety of Employment matters, such as Title VII and FEHA, and is ready to assist clients throughout the State of California.  We represent the Employee.


Dignity, Integrity, and Honesty

"After looking up Pamela's reviews on Avvo, I retained her as my Attorney after dissolving my relationship with my first Attorney. Upon my initial appointment, Pamela provided the level of confidence I was expecting. She has always returned my calls within a timely manner, excellent response time. Pamela did everything in her power to ensure this process had truly been as smooth and comfortable as possible. Every step of the way, I was kept informed of the progress and promises were maintained. Pamela you handled everything with dignity and compassion, so impressive. I was so grateful for Pamela's commitment to my case. Her honesty, knowledge, and professionalism was outstanding. If in the future anyone will ask me if I know a good Workers Comp/Employment and Labor Attorney, without hesitation I will recommend you. I am so thankful I chose Pamela, thank you Pamela, you are amazing. I take this opportunity to wish you continued success in your career. Thanks for taking my case!" - Rochelle

Pamela Owens - great attorney

"Pamela Owens is a great attorney. I recommend her whole heartedly to anyone in need of an attorney. She stood by me through my whole case, all the while remaining understanding/compassionate of my needs. She explained everything to me in a way that I understood, helping me make very important decisions. Pamela has made my experience as stress-free as she possibly could. If I am in need of an attorney again, I won't hesitate to call Pamela Owens."  - Haylie

Pamela Owens review

"Pamela did an amazing job for me . She was poised and confident, she gave me information in excess which allowed me to make well informed decisions, she responded with expediency to all my request throughout the entire process, and most importantly remained compassionate and understanding until my case was resolved. I not only endorse her wholeheartedly but I intend to utilize her services for future endeavors." - Patrick

A Great Attorney

"We had the good fortune of utilizing the services Of Pamela Owens. She represented my family successfully in a legal matter and we found her to be very diligent and knowledgeable. She stood with us through every aspect of the matter, and saw it through to a positive resolution. I heartily recommend her to any and all colleagues and friends." - Vincent

"I recommend Pamela Owens because she is professional, meticulous and trustworthy." - Joan

Best of the Best

If you are looking for an attorney that knows her thing in workers comp & labor it’s Pamela, I recommend her with no hesitation she was with me thru out my whole case always in contact keeping me updated on my case.  She helped me make very important decisions regarding my case and she never once made me feel like I had to question her advice.  She has become an important person in my life and in my mom as she represented my mom as well. Pamela I’m/we are very blessed to have found you and have you represent us and wish you much success.  If you ever need someone to represent you Pamela Owens is the one !!! - Elizabeth

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